Design encompasses many roles. Web Designer. Graphic Designer. Web Developer. UX Designer. Visual Designer. UI Designer (I could go on). Is there even really a difference? Does it even matter? The answer to those questions is a resounding “yes”—but also “not really” simultaneously. I’m joking. Or am I? Confused? Allow me to explain *twists mustache*
The designer of the 21st century has to be versatile—or at least aware of the nuances in each of the aforementioned roles—each one speaks a slightly different dialect of the same language—the language of design. Design, itself is much greater than that. It is the language of problem-solving. The design process begins with sketches, every single time. There is a primal, magical connection between the brain and the hand that comes alive to solve creative problems in the sketching process.

The next critical step in the design process is human connectivity. I remember growing up, reading comics, collecting comic book cards, and being enthralled by gold foil, hologram and lenticular printing effects. From those days forward, my drive to create has been fueled by a passion to replicate that experience I had as a kid unto my audience. I want my audience to feel like that kid that still lives inside of me when they’re experiencing my work.