Interactive design is still in its infancy, if you can believe it. Once upon a time, there was a world in which design existed and user experience did not (scary stuff, I know). I remember these days vividly—it’s the reason that I’m a visual designer first, and web designer second.

Humans are visual creatures, so I’m interested in the allure of visual appeal that functions as a connective experience. That leaves less time for me to slave over code. Thankfully I don’t have to—frameworks built by much more capable and seasoned developers (aka “coders”) are readily available; serving as elegant foundations upon which I can build a compelling experience.

Technology should never be evil. It should be a tool that adds value to the experience of human interaction. Leveraging existing web frameworks for the constants of web design leaves more time for me to explore visual innovations. As video and motion graphics proliferate the web, it not only enhances user interactivity but also adds to the “cool factor” of a website or app—further enriching the storytelling experience.

As long as these techniques are useful and don’t inhibit the ability to use an application or device, I will slave over coding those little experiences until I’m blue in the fingertips.