The concept for this project was to create an all-in-one automated grocery list app (everyone has forgotten the milk once or twice), that also incorporated features geared toward health and fitness goals.

Frigital combines holistic meal and exercise solutions specifically tailored to the end user and their goals, beginning with users inputting their favorite foods. Frigital uses this data, then measures the user’s eating preferences, purchasing and consumption habits by allowing them to scan individual food items, or entire grocery store receipts.

Frigital uses a predictive software that alerts the user when food items are running low, based on their buying history, and automatically alerts the user when food in the fridge is near its expiration.

Future implementations will include a fitness calculator which generates the user’s (BMR) basal metabolic rate using input from the user which measures height, weight, sex and activity level to determine that user’s daily calorie needs (to gain, maintain or lose weight).