While conducting my research and development for Frigital, I deeply considered the role of technology as a misused tool in the lives of Americans. Humans are creatures of habit, and spend hours upon hours each day in front of computer monitors. A recent study conducted by Nielsen revealed that the average American spends nearly 11 hours each day in front of some type of media device screen—and the amount of time we spend engulfed in the glow of our smartphones, laptops and other gadgets is rapidly increasing.

Using myself as a case study for how to waste time on social media, I presumed the lion’s share of these 11 hours are more or less a total waste of productivity. I was struck by an epiphany—if we could more effectively leverage the computational power of technology, and allow it to shape the human experience in a positive and productive way; we could distract ourselves with our own hopes, dreams, and goals. FuturSelf was born.

Using a 3-tiered approach of: ‘Discovery’, “Visualization” and “Actualization”; FuturSelf helps users who want to self-actualize the best version of themselves using gamification unlike other goal-tracking apps such as MyFitnessPal and Habitica that only focus on singular dimensions.