Groom for Men is a local chain of upscale barbershops for men. While their staff and business model was polished and pampered, their website was in critical need of a refresh. The new direction would cement Groom for Men as an authority in men’s grooming, and differentiate their brand from locaI imitators.

At the time, I was working with SRH Marketing, a local (and awesome) design firm hired to drive the project forward. They put me to to work on both the visual design and web production duties for Groom’s redesign.

Early in the design process, I reimagined Groom’s logo in a way that felt modern and distinguished; yet still recognizable as their existing logo. The client ultimately passed on the concept, because they already had a lot invested in signage and other merchandise that brandished their existing logo.

Luckily, the clean and modern aesthetic we established for the project stayed—it was a characteristic that cascaded across all the other elements of the project (now that’s one handsome devil).